Video Box

Video Box

5 inch screen
7 inch screen
10 inch screen

Video box with a 5 inch LCD screen

A Video Box with a 5 inch LCD screen can be made in the size of an A5 size video brochure or even smaller and a height of your choosing. This video box can therefore be a compact and effective product presentation tool. Because of its size it can be cost effective to send it to your potential customers and give them a first impression of your products and services. The video can start when opening the box and the product sample or gift inside can convince the customer of your offer.

Video box with a 7 inch LCD screen

With a 7 inch LCD screen a video box will have a minimal size of an A5 size video brochure. The size can be off course also larger to accommodate your requirements. The height can be chosen depending on the contents you want to put in it. The box can be filled with a foam or cardboard frame cut-out to hold your product samples in place and protect them during transport. This video box is ideal for a product presentation and sampling when introducing a new product or service. You can add small A5 size brochures, a product sample, a USB disk to provide extra digital information and documentation or a gift and other promotional products.

Videobox 7inch RedBull

Video box with a 10.1 inch LCD screen

A video box with a 10.1 inch LCD screen is the most impressive and effective presentation tool to present your products or send a gift to your loyal customers. They will be impressed with the presentation on the big screen and appreciate the attention and gift. The box has a minimal surface size of an A4 sheet with a height you can define yourself according to the products you want to send. The outside hard cover will give it strength and a solid structure to hold heavier product samples or gifts. The box can be filled with a foam or cardboard frame cut-out to hold your product samples in place and protect them during transport. You could for instance send 1 or 2 bottles of wine, cosmetic product samples, medical instrument products or jewellery and other luxury items.

Video box with a 4.5 inch LCD screen

The smallest size video box can have a 4.5 inch LCD screen and a surface size of an A6 page. The height can be chosen. This video box is an easy to carry and convenient presentation tool. It can be easily handed out on an exhibition or left after a customer visit. The video can explain the features and functions of a new product or provide a manual for instructions. An extra USB disk can be added or a voucher, a gift certificate or a membership card.

Video Boxes

The Video Box

The Video Box or the Video Brochure in a Box is a great promotion and introduction tool. When introducing new products or services to the market and you want to show not only video information but also real product samples, instruction manuals, leaflets, USB Sticks or other promotional products, the Video Box is the ideal promotion and introduction tool. With real life samples customers will have a better feel for the product or can even use it to test it. The video can show instructions of how to use the products. It will not only enable faster and widespread product introduction but will also save cost and facilitate continuous training or customer visits.

The video box can be made in every size, whether standard or custom made The inlay can be made to fit products to be presented. The style or finish of the box can be standard or luxury. The Video Box can be used in many industries and for many applications. It can be used for the medical or pharmaceutical industry to introduce new medicines to doctors or patients. For the car industry it can be used to provide new car owners with their car keys and the instruction manual on video as well as a paper copy. For the cosmetics industry it can be used to introduce new cosmetic products with test samples and video’s how to use or apply them. Many more applications are available. Please contact us for more information. Your creativity is the start of our possibilities. For your personal tailor made offer of this video brochure, please contact us here or fill in this requirement specification form.