Video Book

Video Book

Video book with a 5 inch screen
Video book with a 7 inch screen
Video book with a 10 inch screen

Video Book with 5 inch screen

An A5 format with a cut-out on each page, so that different videos can be watched when turning each page. Multiple pages can be added.


Video Book with 7 inch screen

An A5 or A4 size book with several pages can be made with or without a screen cutout. The LCD screen can be mounted on the right or left. Hardcover, in portrait or landscape style.


Video Book with 10 inch screen

A minimum size of A4, but can also be larger. Available with various types of paper and a cover of luxurious material. Expandable memory for many video files.


Video Book with other sizes and screens

A format adapted to specific needs, which can take any form and content and has many options such as material selection, memory size, screen size, video and photo control buttons, etc.

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Video books

videobook examples 7 inch & 10 inch screen

Video books

A video book is a video brochure with several extra pages or a book with an LCD screen inside. By adding pages to a video brochure or adding an LCD screen to a book, both the written words and the video can support or enhance each other’s message. The LCD screen can be in the front or the back or on a page in between. If in the back, the previous pages can have a cut out the size of the LCD screen so the video can be seen when turning every page.

We can add a technology which will start a new video every time a page is turned, so the video shown matches the story on the new adjacent printed page. A video book can be used as an instruction manual for a new car or technical installation facility, as a guide for training and education, as a tourist guide for cities, estates and museums, or as a promotional book for special products or events.