Technology & Options

Technology & Options



The video brochure consists of:

  • LCD screen
  • media player
  • battery
  • memory
  • speakers
  • USB connector


Video Brochures Sizes

All Video Brochures components can be fitted in a soft or hard cover size of your choice or a standard cover with the size of A4 (210x297mm), Letter (8.5 x 11 inches), A5 (210x148mm), Half Letter (5.5 x 8.5 inches), A6 (105x148mm), A7 (74x105mm) or Business Card (90x50mm).

LCD screen : You have a choice of the following LCD Screen sizes:

  • 2,4″ LCD (format 4:3) =4,88 X 3,66cm
  • 2,8″ LCD (format 4:3) = 5,69 X 4,27 cm
  • 4.3″ LCD (format 16:9) = 9,52 X 5,35 cm
  • 5” LCD (format 16:9) = 11.0 x 6.3 cm
  • 7″ LCD (format 16:9) = 15,50 X 8,72 cm
  • 10.1 LCD (format 16:9) = 22,36 X 12,58 cm

Larger screen sizes are available on request

High Resolution LCD screens

We can also provide higher resolution or High Definition IPS TFT-LCD screens. These LCD screens have next to a higher resolution also a larger viewing angle. A larger viewing angle is more useful when these screens are placed in a POS display and used in a retail environment.

Technique – Features


Every design is possible and can be made to your wishes. Whether credit card size, A4 size or larger. Whether round, square, polygonal or even 3D, we can make any design you have in mind. Other designs like a box or POS display can also be made. As an option you can choose several materials to make the cover or the box with, like wood, metal, bamboo, leather, etc. Your creativity is the start of the possibilities we can offer. For more info contact us here.



Depending on the LCD screen size, videos can be played in HD (720p = 280×720 pixel resolution ) or Full HD (1020p = 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution). Different video formats can be used like: MP4, AVI, MPG, MOV, FLV,WMV,3GP,ASF,DIVX etc. Most of our LCD screens have a 16:9 image format, except the 2.4 inch and 2.8 inch LCD screens have a 4.3 image format. Videos can easily be added or removed, by simply connecting the video brochure with the free of charge supplied USB cable to your PC or Mac. The video brochure will show up as a USB disk on your desktop to which files can be copied to, or deleted from. For more info go here..



Videos can be protected with a special code so they cannot be removed or altered. Only when using the special code videos can be added, removed or altered. The video brochure can even be made invisible when connected to a PC or Mac. For more info go here..



Photo’s, Pictures or images can be shown in a slideshow mode, when adding a special Photo button. The photo format used is .JPG. For more info go here..



You can have a choice of 0 to 10 video selection buttons, so one for each special video you want to show. Or you can choose buttons like [Next Video], [Previous Video], [Pause/Play], [On/Off], etc.. You can also have sound buttons [up +] , [down -] and [Mute]. Also a [Photo] button can be selected to play photo’s in a slideshow. For your design of the video brochure, you can choose standard icons or create your own designed icons.

For more info contact us here.



The standard memory we provide in the video brochure is 128MB or 256 MB, depending on the size of the LCD screen. Memory for your videos can be expanded from 128MB to 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, or 8GB. You can show as many videos as you like, or store extra files in a special memory area, so the customer can download them from the video brochure, when connected to a PC. The memory can be protected by a special code so no videos or data can be deleted or copied. For more info contact us here.



We can built into the video brochure an SD card reader, so videos and/or photo’s can be uploaded directly to the video brochure without the need of a PC. By simply inserting a standard or micro SD card, videos and/or photo’s can be uploaded automatically. For more info contact us here.


We can build in a call back button, by which the customer can automatically get in touch with the company sending out the video brochure. When pressing the call back button a pre-defined phone number will be called. The customer will be able to talk directly to a company representative about the offer, the invitation or information shown in the video. For more info contact us here.


A motion sensor can be built into our video modules for applications in POS Displays. When a customer in a retail shop or other sales location approaches, the video can start automatically, thereby drawing the attention of the customer. to the displayed video information. When the video has finished the system will automatically shut down in order to save energy. Only when another customer approach is detected the video will start again. Research has shown that a starting video will receive more attention than a constantly running video. For more info contact us here.


The internal Li-ion rechargeable battery allows for approximately 2 hours of video playing. Video’s can be played during 2 hrs when repeatedly opening the video brochure. The battery can be recharged via the USB connector. When the video brochure is connected to a PC or Mac it will automatically recharge the battery. Video Modules can be supplied with a battery as well as a power connection. With a power connector build in, the video modules can also play videos when connected to the supplied power adaptor. When used in a POS display the videos can then play 24/7, which is useful for use in a shop, a hotel or at an event where many visitors would like to find information or instructions. For more info contact us here.



Video brochures can be printed in full colour of black and white. A choice of printing techniques can be used, like CMYK or PMS. The finish of the printing process can be with a matt or glossy lamination. Special effects can be used to give your video brochure an exclusive look and feel, like UV Spot Varnish or embossing. We use top quality printing presses like Heidelberg to ensure the best print quality and finish. For more info contact us here.



The cover of a video brochure or video module usually is a soft cover or a hard cover. The soft cover is the most popular and consists of a double folded sheet of 350 grams paper, which provides it’s strength. For extra strength and durability a Hard Cover can be chosen, consisting of 1800 grams paper, which is comparable to a hard cover of a book. A Hard Cover video brochure is also more impressive. As an option you have a choice of different materials to enhance the cover and give it a more exclusive and luxury appearance. You can choose for instance a cover made of wood, metal, bamboo, leather, PVC, or other material of your choice. For more info contact us here.



Our customer are increasingly aware and concerned about the environment and have asked us to provide them with an eco and environmentally friendly video brochure. We therefore developed a video brochure made with recycled paper or so called eco-paper. So we can offer interested customers a video brochure with eco-paper and will use also environmentally friendly ink (water based) when printing. We can also offer our customers a Re-Use policy or suggest a locally executable and economically viable ‘ Retrieve and Collect’ operation. For more info contact us here.



When we ship out your finished video brochures to you, we package them each in a protective foam bag and together in a foam protected shipping box, to make sure your video brochures are protected during transport and will arrive safely and in good working condition at your address. We can offer an optional individual letterbox size video brochure shipping box. We developed this special box for sending out video brochures safely and directly to your customers by postal or courier service. If you want to complete your marketing campaign with a luxury gift box for your video brochure we can offer you several designs or make the luxury gift box to your preferred design style, size and material. For more info contact us here.



Videos can be protected with a special code so they cannot be removed or altered. Only when using the special code videos can be added, removed or altered. The video brochure can even be made invisible when connected to a PC or Mac. Ask us for further specifications how we can protect your content, or for more info go here.



As an optional service we can send out your video brochures direct to your individual customers, wherever they are. We can package the video brochures in a special individual shipping box together with a personalized letter inside and sealed with your logo imprinted sealing labels. The shipments can be tracked so you can verify when and to whom they are delivered. For more info go here.


PST has already more than 30 years’ experience in providing quality IT products and services (established in 1991). We have many customers trusting us over the years with providing and supporting them with the installation, execution and operation of their IT projects. More than 10 years ago, PST was the first company to introduce video brochures. Based on our more than 10 years’ experience with developing and manufacturing video brochures, we can give our customers the best advice to create a successful video brochure. A video brochure that will have an impact on their customers and will generate a higher response rate and more sales of products and services. For more info contact us here.



After spending time and money to create a video brochure it is most important that it works when it arrives at the final customer and keeps working when used more often or passed on to other interested colleagues or other contacts. To guarantee the best quality, we only use high quality A-grade components and manufacture the video brochures with a highly trained and skilled workforce in our factory, to ensure a fully functional and perfectly finished product. We can therefore provide you with a guaranteed 100% quality video brochure and a 2 year warranty. In case one of our video brochures might not work satisfactorily, our After Sales Service department will provide you with a new video brochure by return. One of our first video brochures we made, more than 10 years ago, we can still show you as it still works. For more info contact us here.